Pre-Authorization Services

As you know, the pre-authorization process can be complex and time-consuming and has become a major source of frustration in the patient administrative process.

Our team facilitates the approval process thus saving health practitioners, physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and independent sales representatives valuable time and hassle which will free up staff to focus on additional responsibilities that directly impact your bottom line.

Outsourcing to RPM:

RPM’s pre-authorization services allow you to care for your patients more efficiently while eliminating costs and delays in care, reducing errors, and improving overall effectiveness.

Our team has the experience to expedite most authorizations, often getting a response in under 24 hours. In addition, we handle retrospective reviews and appeal denied days or secure authorizations on newly covered Medicaid recipients.

Advantages of using RPM:

  • Process takes only minutes by filling out one simple form
  • Information is all in one place and secure on the RPM Cloud
  • Allows you to improve practitioners’ productivity
  • Reduces delays in care
  • Decreases denials

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